Become a Reseller

We offer a unique package for you to sell the products we list on your own platform, social media, website, online store or in store, see below what we offer and we suggest Option 1 - Best Value for money

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Option 1 - R599pm

R599 Resellers Admin fee pm includes

  • datafeed on prodcuts to use in your store updated daily
  • set 5% price adjustment in the datafeed
  • 5 - 10% discount on orders depending on Reseller Tier (depends on orders placed per month)
  • Manual ordering with your customer account
  • fulfillment by Gazoomba directly to your customer 3 - 7 business days from order


Option 2 - R100 per order

Billed weekly or after 10 orders which ever comes first

  • Resell on your website or platform own pricing
  • Excludes discounts code
  • Excludes datafeed own pricing and listings
  • Excludes 5% price adjustments
  • Own courier collection at DC Hub
  • Pay for packaging material used at DC Hub billed per order
  • Manual ordering with reseller account

Option 3 - Quote Only per order

  • Stockist/Bulk order Reseller Only
  • 5% discount on purchase
  • Min order of 2 per item & min value of R25000 per order
  • Order & shipping quote per order
  • Draft ordering system


Option 4 - Priced per Service Monthly 

R50 per order plus fullfilment and datafeed with or without price or R75 per order and only datafeed with or without Price

  • Fulfillment to your Customers by Gazoomba R199
  • Own courier Collection at DC Hub R99
  • Datafeed with 5% pricing adjustment R399
  • Datafeed without Pricing adjustment R299
  • Discount on orders over R5000